Care Instructions


1. Package Arrival

When your order arrives, it is best to unpack immediately. If you are unable to do so, place the package in a cool, shady location until you can remove the plants from the box. We do not recommend leaving the plants in the box for more than 24 hours after arrival.

2. Unpacking

Carefully cut the straps and open the box. Remove one plant at a time, making sure not to bend or break any of the branches. Once all plants have been unpacked, remove the plastic bag from the pots. Brush off any loose soil and fertilizer pellets and water thoroughly. Keep everything in a shady location protected from heat and cold while your new plants acclimate to their new climate.

3. Planting

Before planting, make sure to find a suitable location that will allow each plant to grow and thrive. Review the 10 year height and width size info. Pay close attention to the proximity to buildings and overhead power lines. Avoid low areas that are prone to flooding or have poor drainage. Amend the soil in any areas with a high clay content. Dig a hole twice the size of the plants root ball. Mix the soil that was removed with small amount of bark dust or mulch. Place the plant slightly above the natural soil level to allow for drainage. Water in with enough water to settle the soil. 



4. After Care

Once planted, water to keep moist, but not soggy wet, the first year or until established. Conifers are fairly easy to take care of, so there isn’t a whole lot involved for the most part. A balanced fertilizer should be used in moderation to keep things healthy.

5. Staking and Pruning

Staking and pruning should be done to your preference depending on the overall desired shape. Some people like a very formal shape, and others like a more natural informal style. We recommend evaluating the shape of your plants each year and determine what is needed. Pines should be pruned when the new growth is still soft in the spring, while other plants can be pruned nearly any time of the year. It is best to do some research on what is best per species. 

Last modified: 03/20/20


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