Picea pungens 'Lantern Fire'

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  • COMMON NAME: 'Lantern Fire' Colorado Spruce
  • COLOR: Yellow/Gold
  • GROWTH RATE: Intermediate
  • SHAPE: Pyramidal
  • 10 YEAR SIZE (HxW): 6'X3'
  • SUNLIGHT: Full Sun
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Lantern Fire is an exciting new introduction from Western Evergreen. Discovered in a seed bed of Colorado Spruce seedlings in 2007, we have been observing it ever since. Spring color is a bright, vibrant golden yellow that lasts for 8 weeks. With a compact pyramidal form, it is an improvement over other spring golden Colorado Spruce varieties on the market today. From our experience, it is very heat tolerant with only minor burning when we experienced a record 115 degrees in late June, 2021, while other spring golden varieties of Colorado Spruce suffered. Sure to turn heads each spring. Previously was known by the provisional name [Hupp golden flush].